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Enjoy Rio

September 11, 2008

Rio Di Janeiro

Rio Di Janeiro

Why RIO?

Rio is renowned for being the city where BJJ was first developed and therefore many academies started to appear there before any other location in Brazil or around the world.

Rio is Famous for being the factory of Champions and where the best BJJ SCHOOLS of the world are located.

It is a fantastic place for entertainment with great people lots of beautiful people and a very nice easy going, beach and relaxed culture with lots of things to do.   Jiu Jitsu in Rio is part of the culture and definitely our life style.


  • Rio offers entertainment for all ages.
  • Nice Restaurants,
  • Great night clubs
  • Brazilian and International Concerts
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Competitions
  • MMA Competitions
  • Paragliding
  • Traditional Brazilian Dance Schools “Samba”
  • Soccer Games
  • Wonderful beaches
  • Visit to Corcovado
  • Clubs
  • Water falls
  • Parks
  • Shopping Centres
  • Local Pubs

Click here to visit the official Brazilian Government Tourism site!